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We receive a high volume of questions about immigration. Before contacting us, please ensure that your question is not answered in another part of this website.  Here are some common themes:

Qualifications for MCDII's Skilled Worker Program

Do I qualify?

Applications will not be considered if they do not meet minimum qualifications.In order to qualify you must meet basic eligibity

Who is chosen for your program?

Due to the very small size of our program, we are only able to choose and support a small percentage of received applications.  We choose applicants based on minimum qualifications, occupational experience, and ability to adapt to climate, culture, and genuine intention on living and working in Morden.



Are there any exceptions to needing a language test?


A language test result is required, even if English or French is your first language. Must be General IELTS, CELPIP or TEF/TCF that was taken within the last 24 months.

Can you evaluate my resume or CV before I apply?

Due to time constraints, we are unable to give an evaluation of your qualifications before you send your completed application. Please carefully read our minimum qualifications before deciding whether to apply.

We accept applications from citizens of any country, single or as a family unit.

Although anyone is able to apply, those with experience in in-demand occupations have a much greater chance of selection.

Who has the greatest chance of selection based on occupation?

The committee will be selecting applicants based on their skills related to the labour market needs of our employers. Occupations identified as in-demand have space limits and your application may not advance for review even if you meet the minimum requirements of the program.


Current highest priority:

Applying to the MCDII Skilled Worker Program

How long do I have to wait to know if I am selected for Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative?


After you send your application online, you will receive a notification stating at which time your application will be reviewed.  It is usually within one to two months from submission. If you do not meet minimum criteria such as proven language ability, you may not receive a response.

Can I apply while in Canada?


In order to protect the integrity and efficiency of our program, applicants must apply from outside of Canada.  

How long does the whole process take?


The length of the entire process depends on many things, including variable processing times at Morden, MPNP and federal levels.

Is your program still running? 
Is there a deadline by which to apply?


Our program continues to accept applications.  There is no deadline by which to apply, however minimum qualifications and program criteria change on occasion.

What is the cost?


There is no cost to apply for Morden’s support.  If you are invited for an exploratory visit, all travel and accommodation cost would be your responsibility.  There are other costs at the MPNP and Federal levels for their application processing.

How do I apply?


If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like to apply for the Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative, you can find forms and information here.

*** We are not affiliated with any Immigration Representative nor do we give preferential treatment to applicants who have hired an Immigration Representative.  However, if you do choose to have your paperwork completed by an Immigration Representative, please refer to for information on making an informed choice. ***

Exploratory Visits to Canada

What is the purpose of an exploratory visit?


There are a several reasons for an exploratory visit.  If you already have formal support from the City of Morden, please contact us regarding whether an exploratory visit is necessary in your process.  


  • During the visit, you will prepare for your future MPNP application by gathering needed information and impressions.

  • If you apply to MPNP with Morden’s support, you will be expected to live in Morden on your arrival.  An exploratory visit gives you a chance to determine whether Morden is the right location to settle your family in the future.

Please note that although many exploratory visitors seek future employment while they are on their exploratory visit, the main purpose of the visit is not to secure employment.  A successful visit is one in which you are able to proceed to the next stage of your permanent residence application.

Arriving in Canada

Where will I live when I first arrive in Morden?


We will help you arrange temporary accommodation in Morden’s Transition Apartments, a host family, or a hotel.

Do I have to live and work in Morden?


As an applicant who has been supported through the immigration process by the City of Morden, you have declared your intention to live and work in Morden when you arrive.  We will do everything we can to assist you in your successful settlement here. 

For additional information on settlement in Morden, please refer to this Newcomer Guide:

What help will I receive when I arrive permanently?


When you arrive, you will receive information ahead of time that will help you arrange some things in advance.  Once you are in Morden, you will receive an intake appointment with “Regional Connections”, an office who will help you with all you will need including registering children for school, tax forms, health insurance application, permanent accommodation, English classes and any other questions you may have.  

Who to Contact



NOTE: Morden Immigration does not accept telephone inquiries from applicants, instead please correspond by email if your questions are not answered on our website.


Only people who have been formally authorized by the applicant may communicate with the program about a Morden Immigration application. 


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