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NOTE: Morden Immigration does not accept telephone inquiries from applicants, instead please correspond by email if your questions are not answered on the following pages:

Skilled Worker Frequently Asked Questions 

Business Program Frequently Asked Questions


You will recieve a reply as soon as possible. 

Please do not send duplicate emails to any one email address, or to multiple email addresses within the City of Morden offices, as these will not be answered.


For MCDII Skilled Worker Program, we are unable to provide an evaluation based on information without an application form, as MCDII decisions are made by a committee.  Please compare your credentials with our posted minimum requirements and target occupations to further evaluate whether you would like to apply.



Our Information:


Mailing Address:

100-195 Stephen Street
Morden, Manitoba, Canada
R6M 1V3

Office Address:

133-7th Street 

Morden, Manitoba, Canada

R6M 1S3



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