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Why does Morden have a Community Driven Immigration Initiative?

Morden employers have expressed the need for continued immigration to sustain and grow their businesses, and as a result, the Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative was formed in 2012.  Employers identified a need for immigrant employees who can effectively communicate in English, and furthermore, that there’s a good match between immigrants’ work experience and skills, and the type of local jobs available.  The City of Morden, Morden Community Development Corporation and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program partnered in this unique program tailored to match the skill set of applicants to employer needs. 

How can our program help your business?

The purpose of the City of Morden’s Immigration Initiative is to aid local employers by alleviating shortages in our labour market (ex. Positions that are difficult to find and hire locally).   For our initiative, Morden’s selection committee can select applicants who best meet Morden’s labour shortages.  The community’s support enables chosen applicants to more easily qualify and be accepted by the Provincial Nominee Program.  

Aside from being chosen based on their employable skills, they are also chosen based on a minimum English ability standard, their outlook for staying in and contributing to Morden, and several other factors.


What is the role of the employer in the process?

Employers can become involved at several stages in the process:

  • Contact us to let us know if you have labour shortages, we could assist you to fill.  

  • We can target particular occupations for future general arrivals in our program.

  • We can target particular applicants for you to give job offers to. This would allow the applicant to come on a closed work permit for your company, with future permanent residence very likely.

  • We can look at those who will be arriving soon to see if a match can be made with you before their arrival.

  • When an applicant completes their whole process without a job offer ahead of time, they will be looking for employment when they arrive. Keep your eyes open for these new arrivals, as they come with good English skills, great experience, and a strong desire to work hard and be a successful employee of Morden.

What is the process/commitment on my part?

If you make a job offer to an applicant who does not already have permanent residence, there is some paperwork/commitment on the part of the employer to ensure that incoming workers are not taking the jobs of Canadians that are unemployed, and that the new employee is treated fairly.

​There are different requirements for different "streams" of hiring, but may include fees to federal government, expenses to employee, online paperwork, etc. Due to their being different methods for different streams, it is best to set up an appointment with us or email your interest to

Any other questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.  We would also appreciate any thoughts you might have on the skill sets you feel are difficult to find and hire locally.  Using feedback from employers is how we decide who would be best suited for our support through Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative.



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