Application Process Overview:


Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative is a support program for those who will apply for permanent residence IN MORDEN through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.  If an applicant is not able to qualify on their own to apply to the MPNP (ex. With the support letter of a friend or family member), they can apply to our initiative for a support letter.  We choose approximately 50 families per year to be supported by our program.  This is typically approximately 5% of applications received.


Step 1: Determine whether you qualify for our program

Step 2: Apply 

Step 3: If you are chosen for MCDII, you will be given a support letter and/or an invitation for exploratory visit

Step 4:   If an exploratory visit is part of your process, you will research Morden and prepare for your interview with an MPNP officer at the end of your visit. If after the interview with the MPNP officer, he/she deems you a good fit for MCDII and MPNP, you will be given an invitation to apply for MPNP. Note that an exploratory visit is not always necessary or suitable for your process.

Step 5: You can apply online for MPNP. This is usually done after you return home from your exploratory visit.

Step 6: If, after you are reviewed by MPNP, it is determined that you meet all minimum qualifications of MPNP, you will be given a Nomination Letter from the MPNP.

Step 7: Using this nomination letter, you can apply for federal processing.

Step 8: Citizenship and Immigration Canada will do further review, including medicals and criminal record checks.

Step 9: Once you receive your Permanent Residence Visas, you can make arrangements for you and your family to move to Morden.

*** We are not affiliated with any Immigration Representative nor do we give preferential treatment to applicants who have hired an Immigration Representative.  However, if you do choose to have your paperwork completed by an Immigration Representative, please refer to for information on making an informed choice. ***


In order to protect the integrity and efficiency of our program, applicants MUST apply from outside of Canada.  We will not consider an applicant for an exploratory visit or assist them in setting up an MPNP interview if they arrive in Morden without a formal invitation for exploratory visit.