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Qualifications for MPNP-Business Investment Program

See the Manitoba Immigration Website for more details.

Do I qualify?

It will be your responsibility to ensure you meet all qualifications of the business program as per Eligibility.  If you are interested in coming to Morden on a business exploratory visit and would like our assistance, please fill this Business Program Interest Form online


Although the formal support of Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative is not necessary for coming on a business exploratory visit, the information you provide us will allow us to help you determine whether Morden is a suitable city for your future business endeavours.

How long does the whole process take?


The length of the entire process depends on many things, including the length of time it takes you to obtain a TRV and come on an exploratory visit, how long MPNP takes with your application, how long your local Canadian embassy takes at the work permit and permanent residence stages (timelines per embassy can be found at

Do I need an IELTS test for the MPNP-Business Investor Stream?


You do not need an IELTS test to fill out Morden's Business Program Interest Form.  


You will be asked for proof of language ability at a later stage in the process.

Where do I find information on business conditions and labour market prior to visiting Morden?


Information can be found on Morden's Economic Development Website.


A list of current Morden businesses can be found here.


What are the first steps in the MPNP-B process?

Fill Business Program Interest Form online. We will then be in contact with you shortly regarding your next steps.

Arriving in Canada

Where will I live when I first arrive in Morden?


We will help you arrange temporary accommodation in Morden’s Transition Apartments, a host family, or a hotel.

*** We are not affiliated with any Immigration Representative nor do we give preferential treatment to applicants who have hired an Immigration Representative.  However, if you do choose to have your paperwork completed by an Immigration Representative, please refer to for information on making an informed choice. ***

What help will I receive when I arrive permanently?


When you arrive, you will receive information ahead of time that will help you arrange some things in advance.  Once you are in Morden, you will receive an intake appointment with “Regional Connections”, an office who will help you with all you will need including registering children for school, tax forms, health insurance application, permanent accommodation, English classes and any other questions you may have.  You can also request to have a community volunteer give you individualized assistance on your arrival.

Who to Contact


NOTE: Morden Immigration does not accept telephone inquiries from applicants.  Instead please correspond by email if your questions are not answered on our website.





We receive a high volume of questions about immigration. If you have a question about the program or application, before contacting us please ensure that your question is not answered in another part of this website.  Here are some common themes:

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