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Skilled Worker Program

Skilled Worker Program

Immigrate to Morden through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program with the formal support of the city of Morden.

Business Immigration Program

Business Immigration Program

Morden's welcoming atmosphere and continued growth make it a great place for your future business. If you are eligible, Morden can assist with your MPNP-Business.

Other Ways to Immigrate

Other Ways to Immigrate

Thinking of immigrating to Canada? Come to Morden, Manitoba!

Morden is a small Canadian City of about 10,000 residents.  Located in the heart of the continent, Morden is a growing prairie city with plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community. 


Morden has welcomed many newcomers through the MPNP and various other programs, helping them successfully settle into the local education system, the local economy, and into community life.


Answers to Common Questions

We receive a high volume of questions about immigration. If you have a question about the program or applying, please first read our answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Skilled Workers and Frequently Asked Questions for Business Immigrants. Find out more below.

Ways to Immigrate to Morden, Manitoba, Canada
MPNP Skilled Worker Support Program


Morden's Community Driven Immigration Initiative offers eligible skilled workers an opportunity to immigrate to our community through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, strategic initiative pathway with the formal support of the city of Morden.


This program of offering formal support to applicant is called Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative (MCDII).




MPNP Business Program


Morden's welcoming atmosphere, continued growth, and central Canadian location make it a great place for your future business.  If you are eligible for MPNP's Business Investor Stream, Morden can assist with your MPNP-Business Investor Stream application.



Other Ways to Immigrate to Morden


If you already have a supporter (friend or relative) in Morden, a job offer in Morden, OR if you don't qualify for Morden's skilled worker support program and Business Immigration Programs, there may be other ways of immigrating to Morden.





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